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Global Nursing-2022

About Conference

It is our immense pleasure and honor to invite you as a speaker for the “53rd World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practices” which is going to be held during May 24-25, 2022 at Osaka, Japan. It is focused on the theme “Exploring New Challenges in Advanced Nursing Practices”.                                              

53rd World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practices melds brief keynote presentations, speaker talks, Exhibition, Symposia, and Workshops, with the theme "Exploring New Challenges in Advanced Nursing Practices". Global Nursing-2022 brings together individuals who have an interest in different fields of nursing like psychiatric, cancer, cardiac, critical care, adult & women health, legal, Pediatric and emergency nursing, midwifery, public health, healthcare and medicine from practice, research, administration, policy and education. It is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence, ideas, and generate solutions.

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Conference Highlights:

  • Nursing Practice
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Surgical Nursing
  • Nursing Management
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Perioperative Nursing
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Legal Nursing and Practitioner
  • New Technologies in Nursing Education and Practices
  • Holistic Nursing Practice
  • Current trends in Nursing Practice during Pandemics
  • Adult Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Women’s Health Nursing

Why to Attend??

                 A Nursing Conference is an opportunity to meet others within specialty to network and to learn the latest clinical information. It will also provide insight to the novel inventions and techniques. It is an opportunity no nurse should overlook Nursing conferences allow nurses of all levels of experience to participate in an area of career and education growth that is not easily found within the structure of the workplace. Despite the plentiful excuses (the top two being cost and time), the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Who can attend the Conference?

  • Directors, CEO’s of Organizations
  • Doctors
  • Association, Association presidents and professionals
  • PhD Scholars
  • Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  • Dean’s, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors
  • Graduates and Postgraduates
  • Research Institutes and member
  • Hospitals sharing their novel research in the arena of Nursing, Healthcare & Medicine.

Sessions and Tracks

Track 1: Nursing Practice

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are also considered Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who are authorized to impart evidence-based practice through the review and resolution of patients' dismal conditions. Adapting to the International Council of Nurses, an NP/APRN is "a registered medical assistant who has acquired the accomplished information base, developed basic leadership skills and clinical skills for long called honing, in which country they are accredited for Expert Nursing (NP) Nurse Practitioners are also considered Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who are approved to give evidence-based practice through examination and solution to the dreary conditions of NP/APRN is a registered medical assistant who has acquired the accomplished information base, developed basic leadership skills and clinical skills for long called hone, in which country they are accredited to repeat.

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Track 2: Pediatric Nursing

The pediatric nurse provides health and medical care to infants, children, and adolescents. The pediatric nurse can talk to children and ask questions about their health, especially when children are scared and cannot express their problems clearly. Pediatric nurses should be kind, compassionate, and caring towards children. Pediatric care begins with newborn assessment and vaccination at birth and extends to patients transferred from a pediatrician to a general practitioner until after adolescence. Pediatric care includes annual vaccinations and checkups, as well as any minor illnesses or injuries. The demand for pediatric nurse practitioners in acute care settings is expected to be extremely high over the next few years. Nurses are retiring at a high rate and very few new nurses choose this specialty.

Work areas:

Private doctors' offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Community organizations, Surgical centers etc.

Track 3:  Surgical Nursing

A surgical nurse is a nurse who specializes in perioperative care, which is the care provided to surgical patients before, during, and after surgery. There are different types of surgical nurses, and surgical nursing as a career can be very demanding. Compensation in this field differs depending on where a nurse works. Some surgical nurses earn salaries comparable to doctors, while others struggle to get by on much less. Surgical nurses can practice in different types of surgery. General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Colorectal surgery, Surgical Oncology, Orthopedic surgery, Urological surgery.

Track 4: Nursing Management

Nursing management includes the management of cases and disorders within the care organization taking on all employees working there. It also focused on patient admission and discharge criteria, particularly for progressive patient care. The nursing management process guides the legal aspects of appointment, supervision, and assignment of acceptance criteria. It encourages the employee to do more with fewer resources.

Track 5:  Cardiac Nursing

Cardiac nursing focuses on the prevention and treatment of heart-related conditions. Nurses in the cardiology department work in inpatient or outpatient settings, caring for medical or surgical patients, and understanding patients with acute illnesses or helping them manage chronic illnesses. Cardiac nurses help treat conditions such as unstable angina, coronary artery disease, congestive coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction, and cardiac dysrhythmia under the guidance of a cardiologist. They perform excellent care on a surgical unit; analyze assessments, cardiac monitoring, vascular monitoring, and health assessments. Cardiac nurses have primary Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. Additionally, cardiac nurses have specific skills, including EKG monitoring, defibrillation, and continuous drip medication administration. Cardiac nurses work in a variety of settings including coronary care units, cardiac catheterization, medical care units, operating theaters, cardiac rehabilitation centers, clinical research, cardiac surgery wards, intensive care units cardiovascular and cardiac medicine services.

Typical Cardiac Nurse responsibilities include:

·         Assess and treat patients.

·         Provide postoperative care.

·         Monitor stress test evaluations.

·         Monitor heart and vascular readings.

·         Educate patients and their families.

·         Support and motivate patient lifestyle changes.

Track 6: Oncology Nursing

An oncology nurse cares for cancer patients and requires advanced certifications and more extensive clinical experiences in oncology than those provided by the typical bachelor's degree nursing program. Oncology nursing addresses the diverse needs of cancer patients over the course of their illness, including appropriate screenings and other preventative practices, symptom management, care to keep functioning as regular as possible, and measures end-of-life support. Oncology nurses have proper training in the administration, handling, side effects, and dosage of chemotherapy. One of the primary roles of the oncology nurse is the assessment of patients who have presented due to treatment side effects, as well as the assessment of patients before, during, and after chemotherapy.

Oncology nursing is the most challenging and rewarding areas of nursing. They care about our most difficult and intimate moments in life, those who are at our bedside, educate us, encourage us.

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Track 7: Perioperative Nursing

This is a special category of nursing practice that is responsible for maintaining the health care of the patient during the surgical process which includes: pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative. They play an important role in identifying the method of pathology required to perform surgery according to ethical principles. Surgical procedures can be categorized into different types based on the purpose, urgency, and intensity of risk.

Track 8: Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics, a science of the 21st century, aims with many perspectives to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. Nursing informatics offers an excellent chance to get the full potential of information organized and well managed by nursing staff.

Nursing informatics as a specialty consolidates nursing science, informatics, and knowledge to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and insight into nursing practice. Computing has gradually imposed itself in our profession, thanks to the rapid evolution of technologies. Health systems are integrating technology into daily practice at a rapid pace. Patient safety and privacy must be respected while achieving the goal of turning data into useful knowledge. Integrating informatics into evidence-based practice can only help advance the care we provide to our patients.

Nursing informatics engages nurses, consumers, patients, the interprofessional health care team, and other stakeholders in their decision-making in all roles and settings to achieve desired outcomes. This support is achieved through the use of information structures, information processes and information technologies.

Track 9: Legal Nursing and Practitioner

Legal Nursing is the legal licensing-based medical department that licenses the practice of nursing in accordance with state and federal laws. In legal nursing, there are mainly six ethical principles that constantly recur for nurses working in correctional settings with respect for people: beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, truthfulness, and fidelity. They usually do their job in legal matters by recording professional issues and understood the medical etymology by consulting them personally.

Track 10: New Technologies in Nursing Education and Practice

Recently, innovative thinking and intelligences have driven all the companies to pave the way for the development of advanced technological systems and software in the form of e-health services towards the healthcare industries. This chapter mainly includes e-health services, modern technology and its influence on nursing education, innovative challenges in the fields of genetic engineering and genomics. Computer technology followed in the professional practices of nursing.

Track 11: Holistic Nursing Practice

Holistic Nursing Practice (HNP), The Science of Health and Healing, is a semi-monthly peer-reviewed journal that explores holistic models of nursing practice. Content emphasizes complementary traditional and holistic nursing and health care practices. Articles include theory-based interventions and their outcomes, including innovations in holistic nursing practice; research related to holistic nursing practice, health care and policy; and the values ​​and ethical and legal issues related to holistic nursing practices. The holistic approach is a worldview that emphasizes the potential for health and healing in human systems rather than disease process and deficit.

The primary goal of holistic nursing is to address the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical issues of the patient by understanding their spiritual and cultural beliefs. Holistic nurses learn the five core values ​​of caring, critical thinking, holism, expanding the nursing role, and accountability that focus on the health of patients, their families, and allied health practitioners involved in patient care.

Other Conferences:

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Track 12: Current trends in Nursing Practice during Pandemics

Nursing is constantly changing from time to time. To accept new challenges and further your career, we need to make new developments such as improving ambulatory care, the importance of ethnic achievements, improving patient health, improving customer experience, and increasing data analysis skills among nurses.

Track 13: Adult Nursing

Adult nursing also known as General nursing, as described by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, they are responsible for maintaining the safety of adults ranging from 18 years old to elder people who are suffering from different ailments. They have the knowledge to meet the physical, psychological, holistic, and social needs, demands, and faiths of people from ethnically diverse communities.

Track 14: Geriatric Nursing

Gerontology is the study that includes the social, cultural, behavioral, psychological, cognitive, physiological, and psychological aspects of older people and their aging. They are responsible for maintaining the health care of elderly patients in the hospital, home, or any rehabilitation facility/psychiatric facility. Nurses in the care of the elderly are responsible for detecting the disease in its early stages and preventing the progression of the disease by following the ethical rules related to geriatrics.

Track 15: Women’s Health Nursing

A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) is a qualified and professional nurse practitioner who provides primary care to women of all ages. Originally, the WHNP focused on family planning but has evolved to include obstetric, reproductive, and gynecological health. WHNPs are well-educated and therefore can teach patients and their families about actions, treatments, and elimination of the disease in addition to distinguishing critical health issues.

Skills required

• Ability to perform a well-woman assessment

• Information on breast self-examination and breast health education

• Knowledge of women's health

• Patient education

• Ability to provide care to women across populations, social classes, socioeconomic and age groups, and in urban, suburban, and rural settings


Market Analysis

Global Nursing Market, By Type of Service (Home Healthcare Providers, Nursing Facilities, Group Care Homes, Retirement Communities), Gender of End User (Women's Nursing, Nursing for men), type of expenditure (public expenditure, private expenditure), Country (United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Rest of Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Rest of Asia Pacific, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Israel, Rest of Middle East and Africa) Industry Trends and Forecasts to 2027



Market Analysis and Insights: Global Nursing Market

The nursing care market is expected to experience market growth during the forecast period from 2022 to 2027. Data Bridge Market Research analyzes that the market is growing with a CAGR of 5.10% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2027. Rising geriatric population will help accelerate the growth of the nursing care market.

Nursing refers to the coordinated and self-directed treatment of individuals of all ages, groups, communities and families by trained individuals or nurses. It includes personalized care approaches with added safety, convenience, and comfort.

Growing concern for better health care, increasing prevalence of several diseases such as diabetes and cancer, rising health care awareness and long-term care system are some of the factors that are expected to drive the growth of the nursing care market during the forecast period from 2022 to 2027. On the other hand, the increasing number of hospitals and the growth of personalized care will create several opportunities that will lead to the growth of the nursing care market during the period.

However, shortage of reimbursements for nursing care and high price of healthcare will act as restraints and may hamper the growth of the nursing care market during the above-mentioned period. But lack of proper healthcare system in rural areas and accessibility of smaller number of trained nurses will be challenges for the growth of the nursing market.

This Nursing Care Market report provides details about recent new developments, trade regulations, import and export analysis, production analysis, value chain optimization, market share , the impact of domestic and localized market players, analyzes opportunities in terms of emerging revenue pockets, changes in market regulations, strategic market growth analysis, market size, category market growth, niches and dominance of applications, product approvals, product launches, geographic expansions, technological innovations in the market. To get more insights on the Nursing Care Market, contact Data Bridge Market Research for an Analyst Brief, our team will help you make an informed market decision to achieve market growth.


Nursing Care Market Scope and Market Size

The nursing care market is segmented based on service type, end-user gender, and expense type. The growth among these segments will help you analyze weak growth segments in the industries and provide users with valuable market overview and market insights to help them make strategic decisions for identification of major market applications.


·         Based on type of service, the nursing care market is segmented into home care providers, nursing facilities, group care homes, and retirement communities.

·         Based on the gender of the end user, the nursing market is segmented into female nursing and male nursing.

·         Based on type of expenditure, the nursing care market is segmented into public expenditure and private expenditure.

Abstract Submission Guidelines


How to submit an abstract or paper?

Abstract submissions are welcome for all topics related to the GLOBAL NURSING-2022. Please see the submission guidelines below.

All accepted abstracts for registered participants will be published in the open access conference support journal and in the conference souvenir.

1.      Abstracts can be submitted via the online link ABSTRACT SUBMISSION.

2.      Abstracts should be submitted in English and be between 250 and 300 words in length, together with a 60 – 70 word biography of the presenter.

3.      Submissions are welcome for all nursing-related topics.

4.      The author of the presentation must provide the following details: Full name of the author, affiliation details: department, institution/hospital, country, telephone number and email address and photograph.

5.      For co-authors, the following details are required: Full names and affiliation details such as department, institute/organization name, country must be included.

6.      All abstracts will be reviewed by a review committee approved by the GLOBAL NURSING-2022  Review Committee. The decision of the committee is final.

7.      All accepted abstract presenters will be required to register and pay for their attendance at the conference.


Please note that your affiliation and abstract title in the final program and journal will appear exactly as you submitted them. Please follow the guidelines provided for the required format and the acceptance letter does not imply any travel subsidy or bursary.



Next steps:

An email confirmation of the submitted abstract will be sent if the abstract is accepted. If the abstract is accepted, presenters must confirm the presenter(s) and pay the applicable registration fee. Failure to do so may result in your paper being excluded from the GLOBAL NURSING-2022 program.


How do I complete the registration?

To complete registration, visit the ONLINE REGISTRATION page. The following registration categories are available.

Participants with a university or teaching background should register in the academic category.

Registration options available in this category: Oral Presentation | Poster Presentation | Delegate Registration | Package A (includes your registration and 2 nights accommodation) | Package B (includes your registration and 3 nights accommodation) | Webinar

For professionals, they must register in the "Business" category.

Registration options available in this category: Speaker Registration | Delegate Registration | Package A (includes your registration and 2 nights accommodation) | Package B (includes your registration and 3 nights accommodation) | Advertising | Exhibitor

Participants who are still studying must register in the student category.

Registration options available in this category: Speaker Registration | Poster Presentation | Delegate Registration | Package (includes registration and 2 nights accommodation)

Outside of the above categories, please email: [email protected] for GROUP REGISTRATION, additional night's accommodation, advance payment of TOKEN, more than one presentation, etc. .... These options are available upon special request and after discussion with the management.

Visa Requirements

The GLOBAL NURSING-2022 Organizing Committee hereby reaffirms that we are NOT involved in visa processing. We can assist you by providing supporting documents such as the invitation letter, abstract acceptance letter and registration payment receipt.

You may be asked to submit additional documents along with these documents to the embassy.

Invitation letter: The official invitation letter is proof that your submitted paper and application are accepted by the conference committee. It will be written in English and may help you with your visa application.

·         Only registered participants will receive the official invitation letter.

·         Participants must complete their registration and submit authenticated information to obtain the official invitation letter [passport (scanned copy), date of birth, mobile number, physical address, and photograph].

·         Please contact the program manager for more information

·         Official invitation letters will only be provided to attend the conference.


**If your application is declined, the GLOBAL NURSING-2022 Organizing Committee will not be able to change the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will not engage in any discussions or correspondence with the IND, MOFA or Embassy on behalf of the applicant**

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